How to I ship to your store?

  • Simply enter our address as your shipping address when completing your online purchase:

421 US Hwy 93 North
Eureka, MT 59917

  • Register with our site on our registration page.
  • Our personnel will send you an email when your package has arrived.
  • Also you can feel free to track your packages via online tracking.

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Do I Need To Make Arrangements Or Give Notice Before Shipping?

No. We get so many phone calls about our service we actually prefer that you simply ship it, track it and come over to pick it up. This allows us to focus on our front desk customers.

Do You Accept FedEx, US Mail and Freight?

Yes. We accept packages from anybody who wants to drop them off, including all commercial trucking companies.

What Is Your Fee Schedule

The UPS Store charges per package for receiving and retaining your packages in a secure location.  Fees range from $2 for envelopes up to $20 a pallet for freight.  Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Can Somebody Other Than Myself Pickup My Package?

Yes. In order to ensure that your package is secure The UPS Store staff will need to see a print out of your order information with the merchandise listed and ID. Customs will also need an invoice showing the value of the items that you declare.