Welcome to the Eureka UPS store and shipeureka.com. We are located along the Canadian border in friendly Eureka, Montana. We offer professional shipping, receiving, packaging, mailboxes, business services and all the other things that you would find in UPS stores around the nation with a small town smile. We appreciate your interest in our services and look forward to working with you.
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Located 7 miles from the US Canada border, we are a premiere destination for your online purchases. From British Columbia to Alberta let us help you.

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Tips for a Successful Pickup


Your tracking number is the most important item you can bring to our store.  Please make sure to ask for a tracking number, especially when dealing with independent shippers on Ebay and Amazon.


Our customers sometimes come into the store not knowing what they’re picking up.  Please ensure that you know an appropriate size of your shipment so that we may assist you quickly.


We  accept all major credit and debit cards.  If you bring cash, we prefer US funds so that we may expedite your transaction.

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